Erev Shabbos Shiur
Every Erev Shabbos, the Rav gives a shiur B’inyanei Shabbos in between the Plag minyan & the  Mincha b’zman. The zman of the shiur allows those who attend either minyan to attend.

Pirkei Avos Drasha

The Rav delivers a weekly Pirkei Avos Drasha on Shabbos a half hour before Mincha in the Bais Medrash. This week the drasha will be at 7:45pm.

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Amiel Chicheportiche on the birth of a baby

May they have much nachas from the new baby and their entire mishpacha!

Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Shaul Sinsky on the marriage of their daughter. May they have much nachas from the new couple and their entire mishpacha!
Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Naftali Weg on the engagement of their daughter Shima to Eliyahu Chaim Goldstone. May they have much nachas from the new couple and their entire mishpacha!

Thank you
Thank You to Mrs. Debbie Hager-Katz for her weekly donation of delicious food each week L’Kavod Shaboos. The food is sponsored LZN her late husband HaRav Binyamin Beinish Katz Z”L

The Kiddush is sponsored by:

  • Dr. & Mrs. Yitzy Kaplowitz LZN his mother Yocheved Basha bas R’ Moshe Aharon (Yahrtzeit is 15 Tamuz)
Last week was co-sponsored by:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gideon Leiser, Mr. & Mrs. Eli Neuberger, Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Schonfeld, Mr. & Mrs. Yirmiyahu Weberman 
Shalosh Seudos
Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Baruch Raczkowski 
Shabbos Morning Kids Program
The Shabbos morning program for boys will take place this Shabbos. To help maintain both the boys and girls program, the shul is offering a weekly sponsorship that covers both programs. Please contact R’ Yakov Preiserowicz if you’d like to sponsor. 
This week is sponsored by:
Avos Ubanim

Avos Ubanim will take place at 2:30pm this week. Special treats for all boys who attend!
This week is sponsored by:

Please contact R’ Yojo Morgenstern to sponsor a future week. 


Parnes Hashavua

This past week was sponsored by:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Tzvi Calko
Next week is sponsored by:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eliyahu Weinstein LZN Mrs. Weinstein’s mother Miriam bas Hachaver R’Yosef HaLevi (Yahrtzeit is 10 Tamuz)

Coffee Sponsor of the Month
This month is sponsored by:

Sponsorship Opportunities
Please contact R’ Yakov Preiserowicz if you would like to sponsor Kiddush, Shalosh Seudos, Coffee, or Parnes Hashavua.
Shul Contributions
Shul payments for nedavos can be paid online CLICK HERE. Please take note and make use of this convenience!
Simcha Email Address
Please note that if you would like a simcha, levaya, or shiva included in the email and posted on the screen in shul, you must email by 9:00pm each Thursday evening. We can not guarantee inclusion if we do not receive an email to this address. Thank You! 

Community Announcements
In an effort to keep the emails from the shul focused on shul-related events and functions, and to prevent inbox clutter (for those who don’t appreciate it), we created a new email account (mercazbaltimore@gmail.comthat is used for general community announcements. If you would like to sign up for this announcement “service,” please fill out this form. Only people who sign-up will receive these emails.
Schedule for Shabbos Parshas Chukas
Plag Mincha/Kabalas Shabbos- 6:45pm
Hadlakas Neiros- 8:17pm
Mincha/Kabalos Shabbos- 8:27pm 
Sh’kia- 8:37pm
Daf Yomi #1- 8:10am
Shiur from the Rav (Chovos Halvavos)- 8:15am
Shacharis- 8:50am
Sof Zman Krias Shma- 9:24am
Daf Yomi #2- 11:15pm  
Avos Ubanim- 2:30pm 
Daf Yomi #3- 7:35pm
Pirkei Avos Drasha (Rav)- 7:45pm
Mincha/Shalosh Seudos- 8:15pm 
Maariv- 9:37pm 
72 Minutes- 9:49pm
Current Daily Schedule:
Shacharis #1- 6:15am (M-F)
Shacharis #2- 6:45am 
Shacharis #3- 7:15am

Shacharis #4- 7:45am

Shacharis #5- 8:15am
Shacharis #6- 8:45am 
Shacharis #7 – 9:15am (Sunday)
Mincha Gedolah- 1:48pm (Su -Th)
Mincha #2- 5:00pm
Mincha #3- 6:00pm
Mincha/Maariv (for this coming week)- 8:30pm
Maariv #2- 9:00pm
Maariv #3- 9:30pm
Maariv #4-10:00pm

Maariv #5-10:30pm
Maariv #6-11:00pm 

Daf Yomi

Daf Yomi #1- 5:20am (M-F), 6:15am (Sunday) (given by R’ Ahron Gibber) 

Daf Yomi #2- 6:40am (M-F), 8:10am Shabbos, 7:55am Sunday (given by  Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz)

Daf Yomi #3- 7:00am (M-F), 8:30am (Sunday)  (given by  Rabbi Yochanan Stengel) 
Daf Yomi #4- 7:50am (M-F) (given by Rabbi Yosef Singer)
Daf Yomi #5- 8:15pm (S-Th) (given by Dr. Moshe Stern)
Daf Yomi #6- 9:30pm (S-Th) 11:15am (Shabbos) (given by Rabbi Dovid Strum)
Daf Yomi #7- 10:20pm (S-Th) (given by Rabbi Yehuda Hertzberg)

Shiurim & Chaburos

Amud Yomi Chabura- 5:45am to 6:45am (M-F), 7:20 (S)  (Rabbi Y.A. Sofer)
Dirshu Halacha Yomi Shiur- 6:45am to 7:15am (M-F), 8:15am (S)
Mishna Brura Yomi- 7:00am to 7:15am (M-F) 8:15am-8:30am (Sunday)
Sunday Halacha Shiur- 9:10am (Rav)
Morning Halacha B’Iyun Kollel- 9:15am to 11:00am (Rabbi Gershon Segal)
Dirshu Halacha Yomi Shiur- 20 minutes before Mincha Gedolah (M-Th)
Kinyan Mesechta Chabura- 8:15pm until 9:15pm (S-Th) (Rabbi Yaakov Frand)
Night Seder (all are welcomed!)- 8:15pm – 10:30pm
Shivti- 9:00pm – 10:00pm (M-Th) (Rabbi Shaul Edelman & Rabbi Yehuda Moradian)
Amud Yomi Chabura- 9:00pm until 10:30pm (S-Th) (Rabbi Yehuda Weiner)
Gemorah Shiur from Rabbi Kipper- 9:15pm (MondayTuesdayWednesday)

Important Parking Notice-New Signs:

Everyone must understand the importance of adhering to the parking/driving rules and laws in the shul vicinity. Please follow these important guidelines:

  • There were many signs that were installed on the street around the shul. Follow all posted signs! 
  • On Baythorne Rd., do not park beyond where the shul property line ends. Both sides of the street!
  • On Green Meadow Pkwy., do not park beyond where the old shul property line ends. House side only!
  • Do not not make U-turns. Take the extra moment to drive around the block
  • Follow the 25 mph speed limit.
There is plenty of parking on the far side of Green Meadow. Please park there even if it means taking a few extra steps!

We beg everyone to follow these basic guidelines and thank everyone for their cooperation and responsibility of understanding the sensitivities of our neighbors. Additionally, please be respectful of those who are tasked with the unenviable position of overseeing that these guidelines are followed.

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