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Eruv Tavshilin
Everyone should remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin today.
Important Notes
  • The Rav requests that we are careful that the men and women should remain separate at all times during the Hakafos/Kiddush. This will enhance the Kedushas Yom Tov for the entire Kehillah. Thanks for your understanding!
  • All parents are responsible to make sure that their children/bochurim under 21 are not allowed to drink alcohol. There will be gabboim who will be keeping a close eye on this throughout Simchas Torah.
  • No chairs should be removed from the main Bais Medrash for any reason!
  • During the Apple Tish all kids and bochurim should go to the designated areas assigned for them and allow the older adults to sit at the main tables.
Chairs & Tables- IMPORTANT

Whoever borrowed (with or without permission) chairs/tables from the shul’s chair and table gemach, should please return them now as we need them for Yom Tov. Thank You!