On 7/14/2014 the Rav and members of the Shul were in touch with people in Eretz Yisroel directly involved with getting Soldiers equipment and essentials that they are lacking. As the Rav mentioned , the Rav will be splitting the money raised between Ichud Hatzolah (helmet and vests) and Equipment for Soldiers (all essentials that may be needed). Following Shabbos, members of the shul were in touch with those who are coordinating the distribution of the funds in Eretz Yisroel and will work to expedite the vests to those in need. The money will I’h be distributed TODAY to allow for immediate use.

As per the Rav’s drasha, please send your donations for the emergency campaign for equipment for those members of the army who are lacking, as well as for Ichud Hatzalah, to www.fidelipay.com/mtt (write Emergency Campaign in Description).

Thank You to the many who have already responded. Checks can be made out to the shul. Please put Israel Emergency Fund in the memo. They can be given to the Rav, Dovid Flamm, Yackov Preiserovitz or Yitzy Kaplowitz.

Tizku Limitzvos!

From:Rabbi Zvi Teichman,Ohel Moshe, avalible at  http://www.ohelmoshebaltimore.com/vest


7:00 PM – 8/3/2014 – Baltimore, MD
As noted in previous updates, the response to this campaign was simply inspiring. The outpouring of support to protect the lives of our soldiers quickly met, and surpassed the original goals of the campaign. With your help, we were able to provide vests to the specific unit with which we had made a personal connection.

Responding to the unexpected results, we immediately began seeking to identify and confirm other similar needs and to take the necessary steps to secure and deliver more life protecting equipment to soldiers in harms way.

As part of this great responsibility, we dispatched a three person delegation comprised of a local Baltimore community Rabbi and two members of the community to spend three days in Israel ensuring the needs were carefully qualified and the funds meticulously distributed.
(The funds for travel were separately donated)

Thanks to the generosity of donors from all across the USA and beyond, we are humbled to report the following results:

120 New Vests Donated and Delivered+

Over 250 Vests repaired & outfitted with updated components to vastly improve the safety of the soldiers.
The allocations were made with the guidance and feedback of experts and commanding officers on the ground in and around Gaza. Their feedback was invaluable in directing us as to how we can most effectively improve the safety & comfort of as many soldiers as possible. Delivery of remaining equipment underway!

While we are no longer collecting funds for this effort, we encourage you to continue looking for ways, both spiritual and physical, to provide for the needs of acheinu bais yisroel in these challenging times. May this Tisha Be’Av be turned from a day of mourning to a day of great joy with the coming of Moshiach!

More photos & a video diary of the results of this campaign